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Find out about our history and the values by which we live and work. As Austria’s leading specialist for glass and so on, we have been a byword for top quality and service for over 25 years. And although we now employ over 100 members of staff and have become an important employer in the region, we are still a true family-run company and we pledge our good name in our work. 


Müller Glas & Co. - Mission statement

Since its foundation, Müller Glas & Co. has transformed itself from a simple “glass wholesaler” to “Müller Glas & Co. – Your Partner for Glass and More”. What our orientation is now – and in the future

Customer benefits and innovation
It is our goal to always be able to offer our customers the best solution for any particular case. Only our customers’ success is our success. Personal consultation and support for our customers is a focal point of our offer.

Staff represent our company’s most important asset. They are representatives and reflections of the company vis-à-vis our partners. Mutual loyalty is the basis for our actions. Both our internal and external communications are open, direct, friendly, honest and exemplary. We pay attention to our health and safety whilst performing our duties.

Partnerships and sustainability
Long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers ensure knowledge transfer and provide us with stability. Thanks to economic success, we secure our jobs and innovation power for our partners. We bear responsibility for the market and environment.

Quality and selection
Our offer caters to the needs of the market and our customers. We believe that the high quality of our products and services and the high availability of our products represent a great advantage for our business partners.

No-blame culture and knowledge
To err is human. Who is at fault is not the main issue, but rather the solution to the problem. Knowledge is multiplied by sharing it. We see knowledge as a key resource to achieve success. Actively acquiring knowledge and sharing it with colleagues guarantees our competence in the long run.

Our vision To be even closer to our customers and keep our feet securely anchored on the ground, we want to create and secure jobs, continually expand our competencies and continue to grow in conjunction with our customers and partners!