The evolution of cork

A cork must fulfil many demands: it must be leak-proof, but allow a small amount of air through. It must be robust, flexible, durable, and not least, affordable. It should not leave any cork taste or other faults in the wine. And finally every cork is unique and influences the contents of the bottle differently.

The new generation of cork - Diam®

The Diam® cork fulfils all of these demands easily and also bring a technology component to the table. Through the “diamond process”, quality stability and homogeneity is enabled that is unimaginable for traditional cork.

The foundation is high-quality natural cork. After harvesting and a 6 – 10 month maturing period, the cork sheets are washed in pure water and ground to fine cork granules. Then during the patented “diamond process”, using carbon dioxide every component of cork is removed which could cause the taste aberrations in wine – the cork thus becomes completely neutral in taste. Now microspheres, tiny swellable particles, are added – this achieves the ideal homogeneity and elasticity. Finally, a highly pure, food-safe binding agent is added, the granules are shaped and steam-baked.

Even for prosecco and champagne there is the right product - Mytik®. All the advantages of the “diamond process” here ensure a sparkling pleasure.

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