Craft Beer glass. And nothing else

Craft beer brewers are beer lovers with heart and soul, creative tinkerers and also artisanal craftspeople.

They created expressive beers, not necessarily market compliant, but always with character and their own signature. This is how unique amber nectars come about, completely unusual creations or even daring newinterpretations, certainly beyond the mainstream – intense in taste, high-quality and incomparable.

So much care, creativity and passion of course also leads to a certain aspiration to quality. Craft beer drinkers are enthusiasts who are want to enjoy beer in its best possible version. Things like freshness, aroma development and temperature resistance of course require a mature drinking culture, which is why these topics are high on the agenda of Craft Beer fans.

Looking at the huge variety of glasses for wine and spirits, it is not surprising that tailored, carefully developed and tested glasses can be a revelation for the different styles of beer, allowing real pleasure in the drinking. It is certainly understandable, in view of the simply endless variety of tastes in the world of Craft Beer.


The Craft Beer glasses by Spiegelau were developed in cooperation with brewers and experts from the beer sector. The aim was discovering the glass shapes that best correspond to the craft-brewed varieties, American Wheat Beer and Stout.

Thanks to these glass shapes, tested and carefully calibrated to each beer variety, the aromas are passed on to nose and taste buds. This gives an ideal reflection of the taste and texture of beers. This unique, functional glasses were developed especially for craft beers, in order to achieve a special moment of pleasure in every sip.

The Craft Beer glasses by Spiegelau won the Red Dot award and the IDEA Award gold 2015 for their functionaldesign and the innovative concept.

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•  India Pale Ale - set of 2 - buy online
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•  American Wheat Beer - set of 4 - buy online
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Spiegelau „Craft Beer“ glasses are also available in a 12-piece gastronomy box. 

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